Finding the DIY board's serial number (AirGradient dashboard integration)

Hi Achim,

I'm trying to setup my AirGradient account using the steps [here]( but I've hit a hurdle with the serial number. Where can I find that please?

I found I was able to leave it blank and take the setup to completion, but that leaves me with an empty Dashboard - which makes sense if it doesn’t know which sensor to associate with it.


- G.

Aha! Found it in one of your e-mails:

Sensor Number

This is the individual number of the sensor and corresponds to the Chip-ID of the Wemos D1 mini. It is shown on the display when you power it on, but you can also see it on the serial debug when it is connected to the WiFi and starts sending data.

In the serial debug you will find lines like:

“… " where “CHIP_ID” would stand for the actual chip id of the sensor.

Here’s a capture of that (where I’ve replaced the serial with ‘xxxxxx’):

17:26:30.966 -> {"wifi":-43,"pm02":0,"rco2":713,"atmp":29.10,"rhum":41}
17:26:30.966 ->
17:26:31.290 -> 400
17:26:31.290 ->
  • It’s also the suffix of the SSID when it initially boots.

Yes correct. The chip-ID is the serial number.

Hi I cant find the serial number in an email and nothing is diplayed when I power up, if there is something on the chip its too small and feint to read. I dont understand the thing above about serial debug either.

Help I have 2 Pro kits that I cant use !

OK I found that its the number that shows on the screen when you power up the unit. I now have one of mine working fine but the other will not connect to wifi after I have told it which one to use.