Setting up pre-soldered kit with dashboard


I bought the pre-soldered kit, and was able to assemble it no problem. I also completed the step of registering it to my wifi. I can see the readings on the OLED screen. I am confused by the next parts in the instructions. After the hotspot setup, it says “It will then connect to Wi-Fi and start displaying and sending the air quality data.” - where does it send this data to?

I understand that it is sent over wifi somewhere and I can read it with the airgradient dashboard, but I don’t understand the instructions under “diy connect to dashboard”.

I didn’t flash the code, and I don’t know what serial debug is or where I can see the 422 code. Is there a URL or IP I should be going to? Step 2 (setup qr) here doesn’t seem to work, but i’m not sure if I’m using the right serial number, should I include AG- or ag- in the prefix? The assembly instructions were really clear but I think this part is a bit unclear. Also, when it says “setup DIY kit” - is the presoldered kit a DIY kit? or is that a different thing?

edit: I found the answer here: Finding the DIY board's serial number (AirGradient dashboard integration) - #6 by David

There is also a similar unanswered question in the forum Activate dashboard - the input box flashes red, and for me when I finally got the serial number correct, there was no indication that it was working until I rebooted the kit.

So the only remaining questions I have are : what is sensor debug and sensor monitor and how can I access them.

Thanks for any help