Upgrade DIY Pro to ONE v9 board

I am looking to upgrade my 3x DIY PRO with the new ONE Main Board v9 on the store, but wanted to confirm some compatibility of the parts, and I do not see any other thread about this and hopefully once I finish everything this can be helpful to others that want to upgrade. My current DIY PRO’s are all PCB v3.3 and I have added the SGP41 TVOC sensor.

  1. The DIY PRO I have all use the SHT31 temp/humidity sensor, but the new ONE PCB v9 board uses an SHT4x sensor. Will my SHT31 sensor work on the new PCB v9 and 3.1.x firmware?
  2. The SGP41 TVOC looks different in the pictures vs what I have. The AirGradient logo is larger and the PCB seems to have a different layout with the sensor closer to the edge. Below is a picture for reference.
  3. For the PM PMS5003 sensor, is a new cable needed from the old black/red one? I’ve read in some other topics that there is a different cross-over cable needed (PMS5003 Sensor cable on PCB 4.2 - #27 by Achim_AirGradient). Pic of my board below.

Current SGP41 TVOC sensor.

Pictures of the new one on the store page: Shop

One of my DIY Pro PCB v3.3 boards with the red/black PMS5003 cable:

Also curious of the longevity of the PCB v9 board or any plans / roadmap for a v10 board soon? I would hate to invest in 3x of these boards and a new one is around the corner. I know I can’t always be on the latest hardware but it would be good to have the info or a standardized release timeline to make a decision. I’m sure as new boards and new sensors come out it will be more of a compatibility mess.

There are two types of cable for PMS5003 which I have v3.7 and v9

V3.3 to V3.7 use Cross Cable
V4.2 to V9 use Straight Cable
It is due to PCB designed for the PMS socket pins orientation.

The SGP41 (AirGradient version) is no I2C pull up resistor for the I2c stabilization.
In general component Shop , the SGP41 which will come with I2C pull resistor that will make the I2C circuit not stable as I understand (to low down the current of I2C circuit)

You can refer to the topic as below for more details.
I2C investigation of Airgradient PCBs

Thank you for the information. It looks like I will need a new cable for the PMS5003. Maybe support can help add that to my order since I don’t see it in the Store.

In general component Shop , the SGP41 which will come with I2C pull resistor that will make the I2C circuit not stable as I understand (to low down the current of I2C circuit)

The store page says that the SGP41 “does not contain pull-up resistors for the I2C bus”

For the SGP41, I am confused by what you are saying. I bought SGP41s from the AirGradient store for use in my DIY Pro v3.3 and they work just fine. Are you saying that the old SGP41 I have now will have issues working with the newer ONE v9 board?
My question was mainly in the differences of the PCB shown on the SGP41 in the Store vs the one I bought a few years ago (picture in my original post)

Oh, I misunderstand your question of SGP41. If you bought it from AirGradient Store that is fine.
I guess you talking about the old SGP41 is not from AirGradient store.

One thing to remind you that you upgrade from v3.3 to ONE v9 PCB with LED indicator, you need a new case with compatible with LED luminous though the case.

  • RGB LEDs that shine through the enclosure

I have the same issue with my v3.7 upgrade, I have bought the v9 PCB with new case with upgrade kit.
You have to ask AirGradient support or Achim for help on that!

Thanks. I opened my 3x DIY Pro v3.3 and they all had the correct case with cutouts for the LEDs. Unless the spacing is not the same from my older order.

For your v3.7 to v9, how did you get the correct cable? Also any issues with the SHT31 on the v9 board? Thanks!

You are luck to have the correct case, my 2 units of v3.7 case is not correct that I have to bought the case from the store.
For my v3.7 to v9 I have bought the v9 upgrade kit for v3.7 which included v9 PCB and cable for PMS5003 and I bought the SHT40, SGP41.

Thank you for the update. It does not look like the “upgrade kit” exists anymore on the store. I did find the cables however under “Accessories”, and the SHT40 sensor in “Spare Parts”.

Also I’m confused in the cable I need now, you mention above that the V9 uses a Straight Cable, but this other posts says that it needs to be a Cross-Over cable:

It’s actually the opposite. From 4.2 onwards it is cross over cable. The short more colored cable is cross over. The black and red striped straight. Maybe @Alan_Ng could correct his posts.

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I am sorry to misleading you that!
Thanks Achim to confirm the correct PMS cable information.
V3.3 to V3.7 and Basic use Straight Cable
V4.2 to V9 use Cross over Cable

Here is the correct PMS cable of my correction.

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Thanks for reposting this. We had a small database issue and lost a few comments.