S8 CO2 sensor reading high?

I recently assembled the DIY Basic kit with Jeff Geerlings airgradient-prometheus code and have been running it for a bit over a week. I’m seeing very high readings from the CO2 sensor and wondering if that’s normal to start with and over time it’ll get closer to “normal” values as it calibrates itself?

The drop to ~1200 was when I put the sensor in an open window this morning, which I’ve done a few times over the last week, but it never gets down to the expected ~400ppm for outside air.

Thanks for any help,

Please have a look at manual calibration.

OK, I’ll be more patient and see how things play out in the next week or two!

Though, I’m now also seeing periodic readings of -1 and ~520ppm, so perhaps I’ve got other issues I need to look into as well, perhaps poor solder joints or power supply?

Please make sure you update to Version 2.2.0 of the Arduino library that addresses these issues.

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