Wifi fails to reconnect after several hours with no connection


I bought a couple AG One kits a few weeks ago and assembled them without issue including updating the firmware to version 3.0.9 using Chrome. As far as I can tell, everything works fine except for one thing that I don’t understand/can’t seem to figure out.

Basically, I have my wifi router set to turn off its radios overnight for about a 6-hour period. When the radios turn back on in the morning, neither AG One reconnects to the wifi or at least they don’t appear to reconnect (the displays say there’s no wifi connection and no data is sent to the dashboard). The only fix I have right now is to disconnect and reconnect power to the monitors every morning.

I’ve done a little bit of experimenting as well and I can only get this behavior to happen over long periods of time. If i just manually power my router down and then back on over a few minutes, the AG Ones lose wifi but then successfully reconnect. There’s something about them not having a wifi connection for an extended period of time that’s different but I don’t understand what.

Also, for what it’s worth, I have some limited coding experience using C++ although none with Arduino. Nevertheless, I followed the instructions to set up the Arduino IDE software and I think I was able to stumble my way through downloading the AG One firmware and associated libraries. Reading through the code, I’m pretty sure I was able to find the function that would handle wifi reconnection (updateWiFiConnect, line 2288?), but I don’t see how the logic in that function would limit the number of times or length of time the device would attempt to reconnect.

To be honest, I feel like I’m in over my head a bit trying to figure this out on my own. Any help or insight people might have as far as how to modify the firmware to fix this reconnection issue would be much appreciated.


In my souvenir, if the AG cannot connect to the wifi. It reboot with is own wifi access point. That’s why it didn’t reconnect to you wifi.

We are currently investigating this issue.

We can reproduce the problem and will provide a fix in the next firmware update.

i have a similar configuration - a 9 hour downtime for any wifi transmitters overnight, so resilience with reconnecting would be good