Open source hardware - sources?

Just posting here since I couldn’t find information on the main site’s support or documentation pages (I might’ve missed it?): is the source for the hardware itself (e.g. printable STL files or other CAD for the cases, PCB designs, schematics, etc.) available publicly, or are they on request only?

I know the website mentions “open source hardware”, so I’m wondering how open source the hardware is, or if it’s more the software side (e.g. GitHub - airgradienthq/arduino). Thanks!

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+1. I like the improved layout of the new version 9 PCB but I really need those pin headers for rapid prototyping of my MQTT based firmware. Its a lot better to unseat the board and isolate the pins to remove any chance of flashing errors with certain ESP32 devboards. If you know, you know.

Would love to have a gerber file to remix and add back the pin headers for my v9 boards.

Please read because it is easily accessible. It’s mentioned also here New AirGradient Indoor Kit & Monitor Available Now where there is a link to all files.

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Software: airgradienthq/arduino (
PCB Gerber/KiCad files and STL for enclosures and stands: The AirGradient Instructions Overview

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Is there any way to verify that I have converted the kicad files to gerber files correctly? This is my first project like this and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m trying to convert to gerber and upload to easyeda to get the pcb made.

Are you just wanting to print the pcb board? If so you don’t need to convert or change anything. This was also my first time getting a board made and I used . The homepage has an “Add gerber file” upload button. Maybe the sligh confusing part is you upload the .zip file itself. It’ll process that file and show you the board on the next page. I don’t think I changed any of the default options. I’m in the U.S. and it only took a week or less to get the boards.

That is the V4.2 version which has the gerber files available directly on the website. I was asking about the V9.0 version which only has KiCAD available. I think you have to convert it to gerber to upload to JLCPCB. I found some instructions on Google, but I just followed it blindly and wasn’t really sure if I did it correctly.

Thank for pointing this out. We will add the Gerber files but it should also be easy to export them from KiCad.

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Hello, checking in on the gerber files.

Available now:

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Appreciate the Gerber files, but can we also get either a BOM and CPL for the LED bar, or the KiCad files for the LED bar? Those aren’t included in the main KiCad folder.

Can We get the BOM files for Both V9 board and the LED bar?

BOM should be part of the ki cad file but I will double check with my technical team.

The LEDbar KiCad file is now added:

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