My own enclosure

@ttielemans Thank you!!

I am not finding the 3mf files for the U-shaped pieces that bridges the gaps between the case and the PM sensor. Could you also post them or point me where to get them?

Sorry, I somehow missed that and also overlooked your message. I added them to the drive name “Air Tunnel Small.3mf” and “Air Tunnel Large.3mf”

Thanks for @ttielemans for the case! I’ve made some mods of my own and posted them on Printables. Made a sliding cover, magnet holes, and a top panel for the traffic light LED panel.

@captainpotato Very nicely done. I like the sliding cover. My son and wife were complaining about the brightness of the OLED and this would solve it.


where did you get the socket for this plug? i would like to get one as well… what type is it?

MICRO JST 1.25 8Pin should work