My own enclosure

@ttielemans Thank you!!

I am not finding the 3mf files for the U-shaped pieces that bridges the gaps between the case and the PM sensor. Could you also post them or point me where to get them?

Sorry, I somehow missed that and also overlooked your message. I added them to the drive name “Air Tunnel Small.3mf” and “Air Tunnel Large.3mf”

Thanks for @ttielemans for the case! I’ve made some mods of my own and posted them on Printables. Made a sliding cover, magnet holes, and a top panel for the traffic light LED panel.

@captainpotato Very nicely done. I like the sliding cover. My son and wife were complaining about the brightness of the OLED and this would solve it.


where did you get the socket for this plug? i would like to get one as well… what type is it?

MICRO JST 1.25 8Pin should work

In case anyone searches this while looking for an enclosure, this works with the v4 version of the PCB (or at least it did for me)