Flashing problem pro v9


I just received two devices I would like to flash via Arduino IDE.
I followed the instructions with installing libraries.

I’m on Fedora 39 with Arduino IDE 2.2.1, Arduino AVR Boards 1.86, AirGradient Lib 2.4.15, ESP8266 and ESP32 OLED 4.4.1, U8g2 2.34.22, WiFiManager 2.0.16-rc2.

When I try to flash I get compiling errors and then it still tries to flash but I get

esptool.py v3.0
Serial port /dev/ttyACM1
A fatal esptool.py error occurred: Write timeout

Screenshot attached.

There have been some issues with missing libraries in the comments. Make sure you have PMS and S8_UART installed. There is also a line about pm03 that needs to be removed for the time being (unless the repo got updated last night)

The easiest and stable way to reinstall is to use the web flasher on the documentation site as it has all of the dependencies.

Some users have also needed to hold the button in the back of the device while plugging it in so it goes into a special bootloader mode to be able to install updates firmware you could try.

(On a mobile device so can’t type out a full explanation right now)

The latest example code in Github has the corrections for the PM 0.3 data being remove and added 2 missing libraries, so try using this version:

Here are the instructions for putting it into the special boot mode that may be needed:

I tried the sketch suggested by @MallocArray but it now can’t find httpclient.h.

/home/jochen/Downloads/ONE_V9/ONE_V9.ino:40:10: fatal error: HTTPClient.h: No such file or directory
   40 | #include <HTTPClient.h>

I was very thorough in installing all the requested libraries in the versions they were tested.