AirGradient ONE v9 not showing up in devices

I am trying to flash the pre-soldered AirGradient ONE v9, but the device is not being recognized by my Windows computer. The USB-c cable is providing power but the device is not being listed in the device manager. I changed out cords to ones I know are data-capable, and I have tried different USB ports and computers. I also installed the 3 drivers that are recommended from the web installer if no port is selected, but no luck.

This post on the forum indicated that the v9 can be flashed through the USB-c port, so that is what I have been attempting. Is there a different way I should be flashing the device?

Try using the screwdriver that came with it to hold down the power button in the back through the small hole while plugging the device into your computer. I had to do that to get it to recognize so I could flash it again

It still is not showing up in the ports. The leds flashed different colors, but it was not recognized by the computer.

You need to press the button DURING power on and then release it around 2 seconds after giving it power.

If you still have issues please contact us via our support form on our website. Happy to hop on a short call and help.

Okay, I sent a message on the support form. Thanks!