Air Gradient Solar Powered

Checkout my solar powered air gradient with 12v battery supply.

Wireless from my house reaches out to the yard.


Looks good! The voltmeter is a nice touch.

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing. We do also have a few AirGradient Open Airs running on solar cells. How many Watts does your panel have and are you sometimes running out of juice?

I’ve only been running this thing for about 12 hours as of this post. I cant remember what the battery started at for it’s initial voltage. I’ll have to watch it charge up to validate.

Est 20% or less used in 12 hours, it dropped about 1 volt for sure, maybe 2.

Assuming I started with a fully charged battery at 12.6V and it’s now at 12.5V, I’ve used approximately 1/12 of the total capacity, which is about 8.33% of the battery’s capacity.


if it’s 12.7 V - 1.57% per hour or .79% per hour

This is based on having no solar input as the sun was setting / blocked on the panel through the night.
20W 12V Solar Panel with charge controller

Status update: it’s been fully running through over a month with no issues.


That is great to hear. Thank you very much for sharing. I might have to try to get mine up and running on solar.

nice work! i’ll be trying this out on my new outdoor AirGradient over the weekend

Status update it’s still running super solid. Even two weeks of rain minimal charging she’s got plenty of power


@Tyler_Bennet Thanks for the updates!
Solar-Powered monitors are amazing.