WiFi connection lost periodically (update: fixed - not an AirGradient issue)

I have an indoor and an outdoor unit. They work well for a day or two, and then lose connection to the WiFi. This happened once before and I was able to reset them and re-add them. It happened again this morning.

The indoor display says “Add to Dashboard.” They are added to the dashboard. The WiFi network hasn’t changed. They have a solid signal. Looking at the router, I can see them repeatedly connect and then disconnect.

Last time this happened, I was able to use the config page to reset the device, log into their setup, and re-configure the WiFi. They then worked for a while until this happened again.

Any steps I can take to prevent this from happening again?

Looks like the issue is with my Asus router. I have the devices connected to a guest network, and I found lots of people having issues with guest networks losing connectivity over time. Rebooting the router brought them back.

Also make sure you are running the latest firmware from the Documentation page, as there was an issue at one point where wifi credentials weren’t being saved, but sounds like that may not be your issue

I have only had mine for couple of weeks and having the same issue. I have enterprise level Fortigate 431F wireless access point and it randomly drops out

Which firmware are you using?

Just got it couple of weeks ago so pretty new but I think I got 1.1.2

Saw the same thing this morning. Nothing wrong with the network. Saw the left side LED appear as Magenta/Purple and the same “Add to Dashboard” request on the monitor. Then about 10-15 minutes later both the LED light and the request disappear. No change to clients access or even the IP address of the monitor. Just to verify I tested the router’s “health” by running an optimization via its app (it’s a TP-Link mesh setup) and it was “perfect”.

This can happen if just a single request is lost. We are implementing a retry on the firmware to avoid this.

Check the channel that the device uses. I know some routes offer channels that are not well supported for IoT devices, especially ESP32s.

This might help as well: Wi-Fi - - — ESP-FAQ latest documentation

I have flash it with latest 3.9 and haven’t had issues since. However it’s only been a few days