Which Senseair S8 is used in AirGradient PRO?


First I just wanted to say thank you to the AirGradient team for creating an open platform and community centered around air quality. I’ve been doing a lot of research on different air quality monitors these past few days, and I’m fairly confident I’ll be going with AirGradient. This is after a particularly bad experience with Awair which decided brick their older and very expensive products. I’m reluctant to invest in another closed platform based on this experience.

I’m considering ordering the v5 PCB of the AirGradient Pro when it’s available. What specific model Senseair S8 is used? Based on the material from AirGraient site, it looks like either the Senseair S8 LP or the Senseair S8 Residential are used depending on the product. The LP is more accurate (+/- 40 ppm ± 3%) than the Residential (+/- 70 ppm, ± 3%). Just as another reference point, the Senseair Sunrise used in the Airanet4 has ± 30 ppm, ±/3% accuracy.

Here are the product sheets for each sensor:

And here are some AirGradient materials that seem to indicate the use of one sensor vs. the other:

  • AirGradient ONE spec sheet references ±40ppm ± 3% accuracy (matches the S8 LP specs)

  • AirGradient Pro tech specs reference ±70ppm ±3% accuracy (matches the S8 Residential spec)

  • AirGradient DIY instructions include a link to the S8 LP sensor. This is a little confusing because that would imply the assembled version uses a different sensor than what’s specified in the DIY instructions.

Thanks in advance for the help!

We actually now use only model Senseair S8 LP (S8_004-0-0053) S8 LP | Senseair which has an accuracy of ± 40 ppm ± 3% of reading. We use that model for all our products and kits.

So I need to update the AirGradient PRO specs. Thanks for pointing it out.

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