Which board to pick? - DIY Pro Presoldered, D1 mimi

Hi all, noob here, hopefully someone can advise with some questions;

  1. So I noticed the chip says “D1 mimi” instead of “D1 mini”, so it does not seem very… genuine? Should i ask for a replacement?

  2. In Arduino, which board do i pick? (see screenshot)

  3. I’m going to try uploading this sketch from Geerling , will this sketch work with the “D1 mimi” not being genuine, or will it cause some compatibility issue?

Thank you!

I just wrote a small blog post about why we currently recommend and ship the D1 MiMi. You can read it here: When Mimi is Better than Mini or When a Clone is Better than the Original?

The MiMi is fully compatible to the original and thus you should select “Lolin Wemos D1 R2 & mini” as board.

I do not think the Geerling sketch will create problems with the MiMi but we are also not the maintainer of that code so cannot be sure.

We are keeping an eye on the original Wemos D1 as well and will consider going back when we are convinced that the underlying quality issues have been resolved.


@Achim_AirGradient That’s good to know, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: