Where can I find the S8 documentation?

Looking at the Senseair page here: S8 LP | Senseair
On the variations tab, the model Senseair S8 LP matches the number on the sensor.
However when I look at the modbus documentation, it states the function code 0x04 for reading CO2 level.

When I look the AirGradient code, I see that function code 0x44 is being used.

I found that SenseAir LP 8 seems to have this 0x44 function code. (see modbus modbus documentation on the documents tab here: LP8 pin headers | Senseair)

But LP 8 model number does not match 004-0-0053

I am confused. What is the model of the AirGradient Kit SenseAir and what is the right modbus documentation?


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I think the right version is this one:

This also fits from point of pin header layout. The other one you sent has totally different pin header layout, so its most likely a different version.

Why modbus described in the S8-LP pdf is different from the function code info, I cannot really tell you at the moment. It doesn’t make much sense to me as well.
Probably these days they come with interchangeable function code 04 and 44, or airgradient team has been looking at the wrong datasheet and its still working because of luck? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi, I feel the same and the number on the sensor matches. It’s not just luck for function 0x44, I tried function code 0x04 and it did not work (unless I did something wrong). I guess it’s a documentation problem on SenseAir website. i’ll try to write to them.