What software is my AirGradient One v9 using?

My device was shipped in mid-December. What software would it be running?

I have looked at the airgradient/arduino_ng GitHub repository and that code seems to mostly match the behavior I am seeing, so I’m guessing it’s using an internal build of that code since I don’t see any releases yet?

If I re-flash to experiment with ESPHome, is there an easy way to get back to the factory software afterwards?

The arduino_ng repo is still in development, so the code you are running came from the regular arduino repo.

You can always flash to the latest published firmware using the button on this page:
The AirGradient ONE Air Quality Sensor (Presoldered-Version, PCB Version 9)

ESPHome also works and you can flip between them by just flashing each one as desired

I’m 90% sure it’s not running the regular arduino code. I see strings on the display like “Server N/A” when it’s connecting to the upstream server that do not appear in the old arduino code.

Also my device shows PMI on the LED bar by default, which is present in the arduino-ng code. I only see support for CO2 on the LED bar in the older code.

Then I appear to be mistaken.

I maintain the ESPHome files, so I hardly run the Arduino code. My understanding was that the NG repo was still in-process, but they may be shipping devices with a version of it.

So I can’t say for sure what the online install button will push, the original repo or the ng one.

Yes you are correct. There are currently some slight differences between the firmware versions that we flash in the factory and the ones provided on the website.
The arduino ng library is the version that will align things. We are making good progress with that version so I expect it to be officially released soon.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not in a hurry, so I will probably just wait for the official release. From browsing the repositories, the new code looks like a nice improvement.

Hi @MallocArray, I’m new to the AirGradient/ESP world. I’m curious to try out ESPHome firmware as I’m interested in setting up some automation between the my air purifier and the PMS levels. Would you know where to find instruction on how to flash it on the AirGradient I-9PSL_kit?

Try this link and if there are ways to improve the document, let me know.

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