Wemos D1 not detected

just received my DIY kit, the Wemos D1 mini come with the kit is not recognized in any of my computers, Mac OS or Windows. I’m sure it’s not the cable or driver issue, I’ve tried the same cable with other wemos d1 boards, all working good. is it because the D1 board is defect?

Looks like a few of your pins have minimal solder. I’d resolder everything to make sure you have a good connection to all pins. Then use an external power supply to power the device and see if it is working.

Looks like that 0 ohm resistor next to the USB connector is a bit crooked, may need to apply some heat to that and make sure it’s connecting properly.

I did try to fix 0 ohm resistor, and use external power, but no luck. The d1 only flashes its led twice when connected to power source, but still not detected.

Sometimes Wemos arrives broken, have you tried another before spending hours on debugging faulty hardware?