Wemos D1 Mini version in the DIY kit

I recently read about the AirGradient DIY kit on Hacker News and really like it! In the days before, I was already searching for DIY air quality measurement projects and thus I’m seriously considering to buy one (or more) of your kits.

While doing some research about the parts, I saw that there are multiple versions of the D1 Mini (according to here) that, for example, differ in their USB port. Therefore, I was wondering:

  • Does it matter which version to use?
  • Which version of the board are you shipping with the kit?

Purely as a matter of convenience, I would prefer to use the USB-C version of the board to not introduce new micro-USB dependencies into my home setup.

The one that comes with the kit has a micro-usb port. I didn’t even realize there was a usb-c variant. Haven’t run across it on Amazon to my knowledge.

I would imagine they all work the same, just a matter of how it gets the 5v from the source. The pinout should be the same on the board itself.

I also could not find any website where you can actually buy the USB-C variant yet.
@AirGradient are you aware of the USB-C variant and have you seen it available for purchase anywhere (e.g., your professional supplier)?

I never came across a USB C version and our supplier does not offer it.

Good to know. I guess I’ll have to stick to Micro USB then :man_shrugging: