Wall Mounting Instructions

I just received my DIY PRO kit (presoldered), got it assembled and booted and connected to the Wi-Fi and it seems to be functioning as expected.

As I prepared to discuss in detail exactly where we’re going to mount it on the wall with my spouse I’ve realized: I didn’t see any recommendations anywhere in the instructions or on the site for mounting, and I can’t find anything in the forums.

I know the unit is designed to be wall mounted so chimney-effect draws air properly, but are there any recommendations for things to prefer/avoid such as height off floor, distance from common obstructions, is it better to be very close to a doorway or some distance away, and the like?

It would be nice to have a short section with some best practices in the instructions either just before or just after the Software section.

The general consensus seems to be you want them near where human heads would mostly be. You mainly care about what you’re breathing. Ideally human height off the couch, office chair etc. Since that’s where you spend your time. But obviously that’s impractical, you don’t want it on a tripod in your living room blocking your couch.

I keep away from windows/doors that frequently open, and mount it about head height when sitting when possible as that’s most representative.

I even mounted one behind a TV. There’s enough air circulation that I didn’t find it skewed compared to other locations I tested (it’s not flush mounted). There was already power there, and it’s largely out of sight. I put another a little below head level near my desk where I spend time. That’s for obvious reasons.

I’m also still have to find a good spot for it…

This is what I found as guide:
CO2 IAQ monitor should be mounted at the same height (60 inches or 152cm is standard) as you would mount a wall thermostat

@marcmagus We recommend to mount the sensor to the wall considering the following factors:

  • Height: Please do not place the sensor below 100cm or above 300cm on the wall. Ideally it should be placed between 150-250cm.
  • Walls: Please ensure that the walls are not hot due to outside exposure as this might negatively influence the temperature sensor.
  • Sunlight: In order to get accurate temperature readings, please ensure that the sensor unit is not exposed to direct sunlight at any time of the day.
  • Doors/Windows: In order to have stable readings, we recommend not to put the sensor unit close to doors or windows.
  • Air Conditioner / Ventilation Outlet: Please do not place the sensors closer than 90cm to any A/C or ventilation outlet.
  • Wifi/Power: Please note that the sensor needs to be connected to a power outlet and a well working wifi network for connection