Voice satellite with local wake word detection?

With Home Assistant and their year of the voice shaping up to be a real nice privacy respecting voice assistant, maybe the AirGradient ONE could be extended to function as a microphone?

I’m currently planning to deploy AirGradient ONEs in almost every room. I’ve planned ahead and put a wall box in each room to keep a tidy appearance with power cables hidden behind the device.
It would be amazing if it could also act as a voice satellite, enabling voice control without having to mount additional devices everywhere.

Even better would be to have wake word detection locally on the device, which would eliminate the need for a continuous audio stream to Home Assistant.

By the way, will there ever be a black version of the AirGradient ONE?

This link has downloadable STL files for the enclosure, so you could print your own in Black (or have it printed for you)
The AirGradient Instructions Overview

I’m not sure what it would take to add a microphone vs what pins are easily exposed on the ONE, but I don’t think it is a priority to have it as part of the default AirGradient config, but the hardware is open for you to extend however you would like.

Yes it’s currently not a priority and I also believe many people would absolutely not like to have a microphone in all their rooms. Even for an open source project there could be potential security and privacy risks.

Thank you for your replies.

I agree that it may be a bad idea to include a microphone by default, so I was rather thinking about having a module that could be purchased separately and retrofitted.

As for the black case, thank you for the link. I am still hoping for a high quality injection moulded black version. But I guess it is possible to get a decent finish by having it printed by professionals.

Thanks again. I understand that this has low priority, but now the idea is out there at least.