Using the Outdoor Monitor for different Locations?


I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes the outdoor monitor to calibrate and adjust to an environment since I want to use it in multiple locations for approximately an hour or two before moving on.

Does this work if I shield it from direct sunlight and just mount it at the suggested height on a pole?

I’d be happy if someone has information on this or suggestions!

PM should work immediately. CO2 you could do a forced calibration or wait a week. For TVOC/NOx wait at least 24hours.

Do you really mean calibrate, or just stabilize readings?

If you are wanting to get CO2/Temp/PM2.5 from different locations, just powering up and letting it run for a short time should work. The Temp would be the one I’m most unsure about, since the enclosure heating up or cooling down as you move it could take awhile to stabilize.

Co2 shouldn’t need a new calibration each time, or wouldn’t be helpful, as calibrating it would reset it’s baseline each time. But moving the CO2 sensor could throw off the calibration depending on how much movement it is exposed to.