Using AirGradient Firmware and WeMos with a Ozone Sensor Module?

Has anyone else done this, is this possible to do with the firmware and board? If so, can it also be used with AirGradient’s Online Panel of the sensor diagnostics and can it also be used with Prometheus Monitoring?

I’ve looked into doing it with esphome. I only found one or two i2c sensors that do ozone and they are exorbitantly expensive.

Jeff Geerling has a prometheus exporter firmware that works with the air gradient sensors.

I just came across this guy for ~40€: Gravity: I2C Ozone Sensor (0-10ppm) — Arduino Official Store
Seems reasonable to me.

Cost is a relative aspect, related to performance and to lifetime …
Very interested in the Outdoor Monitor.
Just a ‘what-if’-question related to measurement of gasses:
would it be possible to include inside the housing a sensor for measuring Ozone?
For example DFRobot SEN0321 seems an affordable device with reasonable performance, but perhaps you know better candidates. Considering that not every user will be interested in ozone-info, perhaps a suitable setup should become fitted-for-but-without the sensor, incl. interface to outside world already prepared for handling such interface => plug&play for such sensor.
Another approach (with some appeal for people which already have a dust-sensor in other setup):
substitute the dust-sensor PMS5003 for an Ozone-sensor like SEN0321,
with default-info in the interface for the absent dust-components (as for fitted-for-but-without).
What 's your opinion on this idea?

Exchanging PMS5003 for SEN0321 would impy that instead of UART an I2C is required as interface.
Technically should not be a problem, because SPG41 also applies I2C for interfacing.
Interfacing of an SEN0321 simply is sharing of the I2C-interface with the SPG41.
Obviously with related adaptation of firmware for the package’s processor and for the external interface to ‘outside world’.