Usage of (larger) colour display

Does anyone know if it is possible to use a color display so that you can show the values in color where green is ok, yellow a situation where the air quality can be improved and red you have to take action to improve the quality. A larger display is nice, but the most important thing is a display that can display color. Please let me know any possibilities. Thanks in advance for your support!

Since the entire design is open, you could do any modification you wanted, provided you can wire it up and update the code for it. On the AirGradient site they have some new tutorials on using some LED panels so the entire box lights up green/yellow/red instead of a display that may give you some ideas.

I personally am using ESPHome on the D1 Mini itself and it reports to my HomeAssistant running on a Raspberry Pi and HA can then turn on lights, send notifications, and show a dashboard as I desire.

@cmartens Please have a look at these resources:


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