Unable to create a new dashboard account

I have been trying to create a new dashboard account since yesterday, via the AirGradient site. I want to create a new account and not to use a Google account. I get to the part where I need to enter the authentication code (I do receive the email with the code), but it doesn’t matter which code I enter it always gives me the following error: “Error. Wrong authentication code”.

Any suggestions?

I am not aware of a problem. Please contact us via pur customer support form on our website.

Thanks, contacted via support form as well. I have tried from multiple browsers and computers and same results.

Same issue here. Tried chrome and firefox browsers. Tried typing in and copy/paste of access code. Hopefully support will come through.

Same thing is happening here as well… I never get the confirmation code from the site

I did contact support and they asked me to schedule a call with them to troubleshoot, but by then I had already tried again, this time using Chrome on my phone and I was able to receive the code and create an account.

Not sure why it wasn’t working from my desktop computer (Windows 11/Firefox/Edge).

If you copy and paste the auth code from the email it seems that in some browsers a blank might be copied in. This will make the auth fail.

We are updating our front end soon to trim the input.