TVOC data not included in data export

Hoping to get some advice re exporting TVOC data.

Problem: TVOC (Ind40) is showing in dashboard but I can’t get TVOC data to show in data export.

Context: I’ve been running two DIY Pro (Pre-Soldered) for the last month and they have been performing really well, dashboard and data export working perfectly!
About one week ago I updated both units to also include a TVOC sensor (SGP41 from AirGradient Shop) and flashed the firmware as per the instructions (The AirGradient DIY Air Quality Sensor (Pro Presoldered-Version)).
The data has been displaying correctly in the AirGradient dashboard since the update, however when I export the data, the TVOC columns are empty. My dashboard licence is “DIY”.

Wondering if anyone has had this issues before or any thoughts on how I could download the TVOC data?


Agree - I also don’t get TVOC export with SGP41. This sensor reports in index values but they do show on the dashboard. The export function probably needs an update by Achim.

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Yes good point. We will add this in the next few days.


Hi Achim,
Wondering if you have had any luck updating the export function to include TVOC data?

Sorry for the delay, it is still on the list on our DEV team. I sent them a reminder.