Trouble adding an Airgradient One to the dashboard

I converted my DIY Pro to One using the new mainboard.
However I cannot send data to the dashboard anymore.
When adding a new device to the dashboard, which model should I choose for the One (ESP-C3) ? I only see cryptic names like O-1DIY…
I also used the full MAC address (12 characters) as sensor ID.

I am using the code from @MallocArray to send to the dashboard:

  name: "${devicename}"
  friendly_name: "${upper_devicename}"
  # name_add_mac_suffix: true  # Set to false if you don't want part of the MAC address in the name
    priority: 200  # Network connections setup
          # Return wifi signal -50 as soon as device boots to show activity on AirGradient Dashboard site
          # Using -50 instead of actual value as the wifi_signal sensor has not reported a value at this point in boot process
          url: !lambda |-
            return "" + get_mac_address() + "/measures";
              Content-Type: application/json
            wifi: !lambda return to_string(-50);

But in the logs I always see this message:

HTTP Request failed; URL:<MAC address>/measures; Code: 400; Duration: 617 ms

(replace MAC address by the 12 characters MAC address I also entered as sensor ID above)

Is there something I am doing wrong ?


You are correct on the 12 character MAC for the V9 ONE board

My pre-soldered kit came with a card that indicated which model number to use, and it was I-9PSL so you’ll need to either make a new Hardware entry on the dashboard or edit your existing one to change to that model.

On this page:
you can Add a new one, or click the three dots on the far right of an existing entry to change the model.

On the mainboard you mean ?
I may be blind but I do not see a model number on the mainboard. I only see Airgradient V9…

No, my kit came with a cardboard insert that had a list of models and a checkbox next to which one it was. Not sure if that comes with the motherboard only option.

I would edit your entry on the Dashboard page to the model I indicated and see if it starts reporting

Ok I edited the sensor with the same model as you (I-9PSL) and I confirmed that the sensor ID is the 12 characters MAC address but I always got the error message:

If I access the URL manually, I got the error message:

type or paste code here
sensor 'airgradient:<MAC address>' unknown

What am I doing wrong here ?

It was working with the original board, right?

When you do an initial registration, it does say to put your tracking number in the Notes field to show you have the premium subscription option, so might try that.

How to connect the DIY Sensor to the AirGradient Dashboard

Or just remove the hardware from the dashboard and register it entirely new instead of trying to change an existing one.

Yes it was working with the original board.
Ok I tried deleting the sensor and adding it again, I also added the tracking number in the Notes field.
Same issue as before.
@Achim_AirGradient can you perhaps help me ?

Yes very happy to help.
Please contact me via:
And send me your sensor ID number and also your Place ID (visible from here: AirGradient)

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It was solved thanks to Achim: it was necessary to bind the sensor to the location (in the location menu of the dashboard).