Temp sensor location for new DIY case

Hi there,

Saw the new case design The making of our new DIY enclosure and The AirGradient DIY Sensor Enclosure and was wondering if anyone has pictures or instructions on how to use the new temperature module housing. It looks like I should desolder it and connect it via some wires now? Anyone else done this successfully?

Did you save the four wires from the half of the PM connector originally used? The four wires you trimmed off the 1/2 connector are the perfect length for moving the temp sensor away from other components. The fit was intuitive, almost like it was designed that way :wink:

The temp sensor (now hanging outside the case) fits into the extra housing diagonally. The new extra housing clips into the vent grates on the enclosure.

I hope these images help:


Great pics! Yeah this is exactly wha tI did for my second kit. I will have to figure out if I want to desolder the existing one and put a wire in between the board and the temp sensor.