Sudden drop to 0 in PM2.5 reading


I’m using my aigradient ONE since a week or so, and I noticed a sudden and unexplained drop in the PM2/5 count. I put the screenshot in this but basically I had a small peak at 1pm then the measured level range between 0 and 2. I have nothing to clean the air and opening or closing the windows change nothing. I have no heating running in weeks. It is possible to see the peaks of pm2.5 made when I was cooking this week (in a completely different room), but nothing after the last peak of yesterday 1pm (I was also cooking).

I have “reset” the monitor by switching if off and deleting it the re-adding it from the web interface by there is no change. What could happen there ? is a so low number compared to the previous week credible ? I have the same drop for the PM1 and PM10 values, but CO2, TVOC readings are coehrent with previous week

What could be happening there ?

the graph for the last 48hr

Can you create some smoke and see if that spikes the pm readings? Like with a toaster and put the monitor next to it.
Where are you located? At the moment large parts of the US have extremely low PM.

thank you for your help. I was concerned because I had 5 or more ug/m3 outside according to air quality websites, but today my neighbors decided to show me the monitor is working properly

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