Socketed components fitting in the Printed Cases

My AirGradient DIY arrived today! :grinning:

There was some PCB socket strips in the kit (along with in the Wemos package.

I’d prefer to socket all the components rather than soldering them directly to the PCB. But if I do that will it still fit in either the original, or new case?

I’ve already got the Wemos with sockets for the OLED pins. I’d like to then solder sockets to the PCB for the Wemos, and likewise for the CO2, and Temp sensor. In particular with the temp sensor, it would mean being able to easily change over to use the new case’s extension for the temp sensor.

Good point. If you use the OLED display, do NOT put the Wemos on the socket. Otherwise, the built will become too tall and it will not fit into the enclosure.

However, for all other parts like Senseair S8 (CO2) and SHT30 (Temperature/Humidity) you can use the socket and it will fit fine inside the enclosure.

Updating the DIY instructions to clarify that you can use the socket with the SHT30 would be helpful. I wasn’t sure if it would work with the case, so I didn’t use it, but soon I’ll have the TVOC sensor and having everything socketed would make switching to it very simple.

Good point. I will add this in the next update.

An update on this, I found these headers:
(This is the store I use in Australia, but it’s actually an Adafruit part, but can’t find it on Adafruit’s website, I’m sure other places would sell this too).
Anyway this is only 5mm high instead of the standard 8mm. It seems using this I can have the Wemos and OLED both socketed and have it fit in the new case.
I say “seems” because I’m still trying to get a good print of the case. But it fits in the latest print of the case.
I had already soldered the full height sockets onto the Wemos, so I only used this low profile socket on the PCB. It meant cutting short the legs poking through from the socket on the wemos.
In short this socket saves 3mm and if it was used both on the PCB and Wemos, it would save a total of 6mm which should be enough for it to fit in the case. Meaning I now have all components socketed. :grinning:

We actually provide this with every kit. I will add it to the sescription.