SNMP intergration

How likely is it that SNMP integration can be done for this device? I just bought 2 units; not really into home automation and I would like to have the units monitored by PRTG or similar, not to mention that this would make the device viable for a very wide range of applications and scenarios out of the box.

AFAIK, the device doesn’t expose any servers (at least with the stock firmware). Your best bet might be a minimal snmpd that exposes custom OIDs, and populates the values from the AG REST API. The Net-SNMPd “extend” operator is probably insecure, but seems like it would work: ,

Have “extend” invoke any script or wget/curl/shell script that outputs only the requested value.

If you’re mostly interested in PRTG itself, not other SNMP agents, REST API monitoring: check availability and up to 50 values with just one sensor might be able to poll the REST API natively.