Server Not Reachable

We have frequent internet disruptions. My Airgradient One went offline during one of them on June 16. Since then, the unit connects to my wifi accordingly but says “server not reachable” and eventually goes back into a loop requesting wifi connection again. I’ve had the unit about a week. It has behaved well during previous internet disruptions but I can’t get it to work since June 16.

Which firmware version are you on?

I don’t know - can you walk me through how to check that? I’m brand new to this equipment.

I’d still love the instructions, but did just wing it and plugged the unit into my macbook with a usb c cable and click the flash now for the Version 3.1.3 release and it took 2 tries but said the version on the display screen of the 9PSL was now 3.1.3, then it said update failed on the 9PSL screen, then said “connect to dashboard” on the 9PSL screen for about 5 minutes, then suddenly came online in dashboard and seems to be working now. I have the indoor and outdoor monitors but am brand new to this - I purchased the pre-built units and installed them per the QR code instructions. Is there a manual for each unit? How do I learn about doing things like firmware upgrade etc? Most of what I read in the forum is computer speak that I’m not familiar with as I’m not an IT specialist. Cheers!

Another update - after I unplugged the 9PSL from my macbook to put the unit back in the living room, when I plugged it in and it booted up it again said “firmware update failed, will try again”, then changed to “Connect to dashboard”, then 5 minutes later operated normally with out me doing anything through any of the errors on its display. Is this normal now with 3.1.3?

yet another update, after the unit sat there for 10 minutes working fine, it suddenly lost wifi connectivity and displayed the countdown to connect to wifi. I connected to the 9PSL hot spot with my iphone and re-entered the wifi credentials and the unit is continuously trying to connect to wifi right now without success, though my other devices are using the same wifi network just fine. My unit is definitely not happy with the amount of issues it is currently having. What should I do?

Another update as I try to figure this out - I did another firmware 3.1.3 install attempt. Still got the same message about it failing on the unit. This time I had done a complete erase of the unit. Afterwards I got the purple LED indicating Server is reachable but there is some configuration issue to be fixed on the server side. I then got the add to dashboard message again, so I deleted the unit in dashboard and reconnected it, but it says it is offline,. The LED then went yellow after a few minutes saying server unreachable. I found the manual in the dashboard and read it. I also went through every part of dashboard to learn more, but I’m now stumped and giving up for tonight hoping you have a solution. Cheers

I have replied to the support request through the website including the link to this thread as well as my serial number. Thanks! The unit continued to go online and offline throughout the night.

Update; when running the debug process on the website it fails to connect to wifi every 2nd time the unit is reset or logs are downloaded. But that doesn’t explain why it randomly loses server connectivity in the middle of the day or night. I could run the debug process for several hours and it would capture the connections/disconnections. That’s a lot to scroll through without any time stamps as far as I can tell in the logs.

Update; both of my sensors went offline it appears at 1:50 am for approx 2 hours - it may have been an internet outage - at 4am the outdoor sensor came back online but the indoor sensor has not reconnected to the server since. I will not reboot it while Nick at support reviews the issue so that he can see its current state.