Server N/A Loop, cannot reach dashboard either

As the title states, my AirGradient One Indoor Monitor is constantly stuck in a loop stating Server N/A, looking like it reconnects, then goes right back to Server N/A. When trying to visit the dashboard, I’ve been logged out and after attempting to sign in with my Google account I’m given a 504 gateway timed out nginx error before ever reaching the Google sign in page.

Unsure if it’s an issue on my end or not. For the last couple of weeks my airgradient sensor has been occasionally disconnecting and showing the Server N/A message but usually reconnects. This time however it is stuck in a loop. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

-Matt K

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Yes our server is down. We are working on it. It will probably take a few hours. Sorry for that.


Hi Achim,

No worries at all. Thank you for letting me know!

Same problem here.

During these past days, some sensors stopped sending data, but after a while normality was restored without having done anything.

Today, for a couple of hours it has stopped sending data and it is not even possible to connect to the server via :frowning:

Our servers are up again. Sorry for the outage.

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Awesome :clap: thank you.
Quick question (if you have the time):

Would you have any idea as to why the indoor monitor just randomly displays server N/A and then fixes itself after a few seconds? This happens a few times a day, but its not the biggest issue honestly. Just curious more than anything really.

I have had the same thing even before today

We are a bit too aggressive with time outs and I believe this will be addressed in the next release.