Sensor not showing up on map

Sensor is not showing up on air gradient map after 24 hours. Sensor is reporting data to dashboard perfectly and I have set sensor to public and include in reporting. What else should I do to share sensor data on map ? Thank you.

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I have the same issue whit my outdoor monitor.

@Marc @Larsbo please send me a PM with your place Id. You can see the place Id with this link.

Hi - my place id is 1915.
Lopez Island, WA, USA.

@Marc @Larsbo I can see the data.
Please post the link of the that you use. Does the URL include a token?

Here is the url I use for the map view

How to do add the correct token ? Sorry

Here is my url :

What is a token and how to ad it

@Marc @Larsbo Where did you find that link?
Here is the correct one with token:

Similar story for me, place id 1926

I’ve gotten to the map by googling “air gradient map” and zooming in, no token in the URL that way:

I wasn’t aware it is indexed with google already. We will fix it in the coming days with another update.