Sensor not showing up on map

Sensor is not showing up on air gradient map after 24 hours. Sensor is reporting data to dashboard perfectly and I have set sensor to public and include in reporting. What else should I do to share sensor data on map ? Thank you.

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I have the same issue whit my outdoor monitor.

@Marc @Larsbo please send me a PM with your place Id. You can see the place Id with this link.

Hi - my place id is 1915.
Lopez Island, WA, USA.

@Marc @Larsbo I can see the data.
Please post the link of the that you use. Does the URL include a token?

Here is the url I use for the map view

How to do add the correct token ? Sorry

Here is my url :

What is a token and how to ad it

@Marc @Larsbo Where did you find that link?
Here is the correct one with token:

Similar story for me, place id 1926

I’ve gotten to the map by googling “air gradient map” and zooming in, no token in the URL that way:

I wasn’t aware it is indexed with google already. We will fix it in the coming days with another update.

I had the same problem: I couldn’t figure out how to show my friends my sensor data. I eventually found this forum post and specifically this link, but what’s going on here? What’s this magic token here, and why do we need it? Am I supposed to find this somewhere in the app dashboard?

The map is currently in a transition phase. We hope to have a new and much better version online soon.

By the way, it’s an open source project now. If you are interested to participate please get in touch.

Sorry to revive an old post, curious how to generate a token as well.

My place ID is 3772 - Rochester, NY, USA

Dear Team and Achim_AirGradient, my outdoor Sensors are not showing up on air gradient map. Sensors are not reporting data to dashboard and I have set sensor to public and include in reporting. What else should I do to share sensors data on map and to have the data to dashboard? Thank you.

If you cannot see the data in the dashboard it could be a connection issue. Bring the monitor close to your WiFi router, power cycle it and see if it reconnects.

Thanks for your response. However, I relocated one of the three sensors I installed, but I can neither see them on air gradient map, nor have the data to dashboard. Any additional support to fix this?

Please contact me through our support form and we can arrange a trouble shooting call.