Sensor Community

I was wondering if it would be possible for Air Gradient Outdoor to send it’s data to the platform as it’s used by my air filter (Mila) and I don’t want to add to the climate situation buy having multiple sensors for different platforms.

Is this possible like with OpenAQ / as well as?

Neither are currently supported. I’m not familiar with those projects. Are they open to other devices, or primarily want their particular devices.

Adding other API to send to isn’t a huge deal if they are open to it.

We do already share data with openAQ if you make your outdoor monitor public.

It seems to me that sensor community has no official integration /API for 3rd party sensors.

I will reach out to Mila as they said they only support Luftdaten (Europe) and Purpleair’s (NA) platforms which leaves very little choice for accessing air quality data near where I live.

Thanks for checking.