Sending data from AirGradient Indoor DIY Pro and AirGradient Outdoor into InfluxDB?

I have some AirGradient DIY Pro, and AirGradient Outdoor units (aka Open Air) that I’d like to send data to a locally hosted InfluxDB V2 instance.

I’m just wondering what’s the current recommendation for doing it is please?

I found two Github libraries for AirGradient and InfluxDB:

However, both of those seem to tailored towards the Wemos D1 Mini on the AirGradient Indoor DIY Pro - not the ESP32-C3-Mini on the AirGradient Outdoor model (aka Open Air).

Does anybody have much experience with these, or any recommendations between them or others, or which one is reliable?

I did see there’s also a ESPHome config for the DIY Pro here:

which allows you to integrate the AirGradient directly into HomeAssistant (and then assumedly from there, into InfluxDB). Although once again, only for the Indoor model.

And Jeff Geerling made his Prometheus endpoint as well (GitHub - geerlingguy/airgradient-prometheus: AirGradient Prometheus exporter.).

What do people recommend here, if I want to export data from both the indoor and outdoor units into a local InfluxDB 2 instance?


I’m perfectly happy with HomeAssistant and there are a few configs referenced on this page for AirGradient, including one of mine
AirGradient Integrations

I’m working on one for the Outdoor model currently so hope to have it up soon.

The way I did this was to simply send to MQTT and then have a subscriber that chucks into InfluxDB (I now use Clickhouse but the subscriber is largely doing the same thing). I have example Influx code for that as well as my modifications to the Airgradient project I can send over if that’s a direct you’d like to go. It’s nice because I can use CH but can also send to HA or have a listener for say Discord to send an alert if CO2 is over a certain amount and can do all that without having to change the code on the AirGradients themselves.

All my data is going into HomeAssistant and I have the influx integration configured to copy certain data to that database for long storage and analyzing.

Which Open Air model do you have?

If you have the latest one that added CO2 and TVOC sensors, I have an initial release of an ESPHome config published now:
airgradient_esphome/airgradient-open-air-co2.yaml at main · MallocArray/airgradient_esphome (

Another user has already made one for the original Open Air unit with 2 PM2.5 sensors you could use as well:
ESPHome-AirGradient/air-gradient-open-air.yaml at main · KarolKozlowski/ESPHome-AirGradient (

I’ll be creating one for this model as well soon, just so I understand it better, but need to research a bit more before I have mine ready

I have several of the version 1.1 Outdoor units:

There’s a ESP32-C3-Mini-1 chip on there, and two PMS5003T sensors on it.