Replacement PMS5003 Picoblade Cable

Does anyone have an Amazon source for a replacement cable for the PMS5003? I upgraded to the DIY Pro kit and moving from the DIY Basic, I had cut off one end of the connector. I know I can solder it to the DIY Pro board but would like to replace it with connectors instead.

This cable should work. Choose 8 Pin.

By the way, we will now add a replacement cable for the new kits we sell.
So in future this will not happen again (unfortunately that does not help you).

Thanks for the quick response @AirGradient ! I was hoping to find something either on Amazon or in the US for quicker delivery. I went with this from Adafruit:

That’s very kind of you to add it in the kit for the future!

Also, if anyone is interested, these are the headers I purchased (a while ago) to solder to the board for the PMS cable (also make sure to select the 8p):