Recommendation for outdoor USB power supply

Can anyone recommend an outdoor rated USB power supply for use in the USA?
and what wattage it should supply ?
Thank you!

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And outdoor cable at least 50 feet. Both must be good for a cold snowy winter.

I have an outdoor outlet in a weatherproof box, but the wall adapter plus the USB-A plug sticking straight out is too long.

I’m considering this Ring cable, which plugs into an outlet and then has an outdoor ready USB-C port, or just replacing my outlet with one that has a USB port built-in and keep it inside my weatherproof outlet cover box Ring Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter (USB-C) for Stick Up Cam Pro, Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro - White : Everything Else

I may try an apple power supply inside a waterproof electrical box like this

I think this apple USB power supply might actually fit in my outdoor electrical receptacle
35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter
It’s 16W per port which I believe is fine?

I hadn’t thought of one with a right angle like that. I could do this for much cheaper and have my Wyze Cam and AirGradient both going with a single plug, which is probably cheaper than buying a whole new outlet

Beware cheap USB power supplies. This is the reason I went with the expensive apple one. It’s cheaper than replacing the gear plugged into it, or dealing with the headache of a device rebooting or just being flakey due to unstable power.