Presoldered kit - tVOC sensor doesn't fit

The tVOC sensor doesn’t fit with the case. It says to mount the sensor facing outwards, but the PCB gets in the way and it’s also right next to the mounting holes, so the case does not fit. It seems like it would fit if it could actually be mounted per the instructions.

Any ideas on getting it to fit with the case?

This is actually correct and it should worl just fine.
We know the placement is not ideal and we already made a design change for the next version.

The case definitely did not fit, and the sensor doesn’t go all of the way into the connector either.

I had to take a razor blade to the underside of the top to shave off probably a 3mm x 10mm section in order to get the case to clear the sensor so it could be screwed in.

The tVOC sensor would probably fit better if it was in the slot to the left, rather than where it currently is soldered.

You have to kind of bend it just slightly inward and it fits without shaving the case. But I agree, probably could use different placement.