PMS5003T vs SHT30 Temperature off?

I have an ambient weather station WS-2902 sitting within a couple feet of the AG Open Air and consistently get a few degrees lower on average of the weather station. I think the WS-2902 uses a SHT30 for the temperature and humidity. Is there a chance it is the one off by 2 degrees compared to the PMS5003T?


I also went as far as 3d printing a partial sunshield for the AG OA as a precaution but the nighttime temps are also off.

Which firmware version are you using?

That is the ESPHome firmware I support.

Are you using the extended life option by any chance? It has shown to cause inaccurate temp and humidity.

The latest Stock firmware also has Home assistant integration support now, so you could try that and see if the temp difference changes at all.

Thanks MallocArray, I will give that a shot.