PMS5003st instead of PMS5003

Does anyone have any experience with using PMS5003ST in place of the PMS5003? It seems that it would fit in the same case without issues (same size?) and it would add an additional temp/humidity sensor. More importantly, it would also include a Formaldehyde sensor. I think that the TVOC sensor would already account for that as well but I think that the TVOC sensor would only give a total amount.

We tested the temperature from the PMS5003t and it was not very accurate. So we recommend separate sensors.

ok, and what about the Formaldehyde sensor in the PMS5003S? Is that worth it?

We did not test this so I cannot comment on it.

Hi everyone,

I accidentally bought a PMS5003ST and with the current code, it shows Pm2.5 values of 0.
I have no idea if the code need to be changed for the 5003st or if it should work out of the box with the airgradient code.

I’m a total Coding noob, so no idea where to start…

Thanks a lot,

Shouldn’t be too difficult to add. It’s probably more of the same to read out the additional values. I’m still waiting on the adapter for the new voc sensor before I purchase all the components. I will then look at the code to fix the things that aren’t working.

Which part of the code actually loads the pms5003? I checked a little, but couldn’t find any clue…

That part of the code is inside the AirGradient library but I think for PM it should be compatible to the PMS5003.
So if you get 0 for PM, maybe you have some connection errors. Go back and check the build instructions if you assembled correctly and have no shorts on the soldering.

The boards and connection is fine, if I replace it with a 5003 it works. I will connect the 5003st with another older board with soldered connection instead of delivered connector.

On another website I read, the sensors have different checksums and therefor are not interchangeable, but no additional information…

Thanks a lot for the help so far :slight_smile: