PMS5003 accuracy

I just put together my pre-soldered kit, the temperature and CO2 numbers look OK. But the PM2.5 on OLED display showing 0 most of the time, rarely jump to 1 (I assume it shows ug/m3), I’m sure my house’s air quality is not that good. I’ve google a little and I don’t see people mention PM sensor needs calibration, is there anyting else I can check?

Some houses have low PM, there might be a filter in your HVAC?
Maybe just light a candle close to the sensor and check if it reacts. Also check that the cables are firmly connected.

Try cooking something in the kitchen, especially using a frying pan. Your PM 2.5 should go through the roof.

I moved it to my kitchen, and it does jump up to 15 ug/m3 at one point during cooking, it still seems much “quiet” than my dyson air purifier and my Chinese brand air quality monitor which jump between 1ug and 5ug today while the AG shows 0ug pretty much whole day toady.