PM2 = 0 consistently

Hey All,

I got my unit working however consistently my PM2 = 0 when i hooked it to my Prometheus i have seen it stay at 0 all the time, the fan is spinning the solder joints seem fine and i believe i followed the wiring correctly based on what i see.

Is there some way to verify that my sensor is functional? i live in colorado so PM=0 might not be off but i figured i would check if theres a way to identify if the sensor is working vs non-working

Light a candle next to the device or kick up some sort of dust - you should see a spike in the pm2.5.

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I connected mine to a USB battery pack and brought it outside. I saw it go up to 7-14 which matched what my area was at the time. In the basement Iā€™m measuring 0 most of the time.

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I was able to light a piece of paper on fire near it and got it to read, just looks like my house sits as 0ā€™s heck even outside it didnt go past 0 maybe id need to get it away from the house a bit with a battery pack (gonna try that out as well)

Upside i was able to mount the device with M2 screws (had to drill the holes a bit bigger for it to work but then was good)

Thanks @N_Ko and @MallocArray for the ideas and help got me going!

Does your house have a mechanical ventilation maybe using a HEPA filter? That could explain the 0 values for PM inside.

I have a furnace/AC system with a decent filter in it but nothing further than that at this time.

If the filter is HEPA this could very well bring your house down to zero PM.

@dasaint Is your PM value changing now?

I got my pre-soldered device this week, but on the display and on the AirGradient dashboard the PM value remains at zero.

I tested smoking in the same room as my AirPurifier with PM sensor and my new AirGradient Pro kit, and only the AirPurifier goes up to about 600 PM2.5.

I am not sure how to claim my warranty if the PMS5003 does not work.

Please make sure you fully pressed the PM connector cable into the PM sensors. If that does not work, contact us through our website support form.

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