PM2 = 0 consistently

Hey All,

I got my unit working however consistently my PM2 = 0 when i hooked it to my Prometheus i have seen it stay at 0 all the time, the fan is spinning the solder joints seem fine and i believe i followed the wiring correctly based on what i see.

Is there some way to verify that my sensor is functional? i live in colorado so PM=0 might not be off but i figured i would check if theres a way to identify if the sensor is working vs non-working

Light a candle next to the device or kick up some sort of dust - you should see a spike in the pm2.5.

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I connected mine to a USB battery pack and brought it outside. I saw it go up to 7-14 which matched what my area was at the time. In the basement Iā€™m measuring 0 most of the time.

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I was able to light a piece of paper on fire near it and got it to read, just looks like my house sits as 0ā€™s heck even outside it didnt go past 0 maybe id need to get it away from the house a bit with a battery pack (gonna try that out as well)

Upside i was able to mount the device with M2 screws (had to drill the holes a bit bigger for it to work but then was good)

Thanks @N_Ko and @MallocArray for the ideas and help got me going!

Does your house have a mechanical ventilation maybe using a HEPA filter? That could explain the 0 values for PM inside.

I have a furnace/AC system with a decent filter in it but nothing further than that at this time.

If the filter is HEPA this could very well bring your house down to zero PM.