Pm0.3 working, no other pm sensors though? (malloc esphome)


I recently flashed my airgradient one with the ESPHome setup from MallocArray, for running in home assistant.
The device works 100% fine in stock firmware, reporting back all sensors correctly. With the esphome variant all sensors besides the pm-sensors work, notably with pm0.3 still working for some reason (this seem to be in the same chip and the same yaml file from mallocarray).

They all report back as 0 (zero) on the display (see attached - also don’t worry about temp etc, it’s just outside a server rack for testing :)…)

I’m using totally the default yaml file (just added wifi settings etc):

Looking at it historically, it has also never reported anything besides 0 for these sensors, so it’s not a temporary issue. It works fine when flashing back to stock firmware…

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

If you have a good filtration system in your house or currently have very low air pollution it could be that all is zero.
Did you try to create some smoke and check if the sensors react?

When using the stock firmware, what types of numbers do you see? 1-5 or significantly higher?

Ok, sorry for wasting everyones time. Achim was right, it was just zero pollution(!!!). I have a too clean home.