PM not showing up

As of this morning the indoor particulate meter has started to show an ad for the AirGradient ONE. Is there a way to turn this off?

Yes there will be.
This got deployed a bit too fast.

We are working on giving more configuration possibilities for these tiles. This one is currently just replacing the previously empty tile.

By the way, something seems wrong in your screenshot. Don’t you have a PM sensor in your indoor unit?

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Interesting catch, it appears to be not reporting everything. I usually have all particulate sizes showing and currently only PM2.5 and PM0.3 are displayed.

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I think it’s actually a bug on our side.

But if you like to see the other PM values, you can do so with our latest firmware. You can flash directly from our website.

The ad is worse on mobile…it takes up half the screen. And it’s an ad for something I already have, displacing the data from that very device! :rofl:

I look forward to its removal.

@ektaroc I deployed a fix and you should see your PM2.5 now again. The bug was because you had such low PM values. Just curious, what kind of purification system do you have?

I also removed the image and made the text more expemplatory so it should not look like an ad anymore and take arond the same space as before.

We plan to make these tiles much more configurable in the near future so that it is more useful for people that only have indoor or outdoor monitors.

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I have a a Medify Air MA-25 HEPA filter, which is only a few feet away, so I’m sure that pulls down the readings somewhat. The PM1 and PM10 values are still empty for me - is that just what happens when they’re not detected?

What firmware version are you running the device on?

I just updated to 3.0.1 via the website tool and PM1 and 10 still do not show up in the dashboard.

This is very strange. Please contact me through our support form to trouble shoot this.

I wonder if I am hitting the same bug?
We had a wonderfully violent thunderstorm last night and I opened all the windows.
Since then BOTH my AirGradients (inside the house and out) are off.
The PM2.5 indoor is blocked at 0.
The PM2.5 outdoor is reporting suspiciouly low values.

Often the rain from thunderstorms washes out PM very effectively and it can bring it down to zero quite quickly.