Plugging in sht3x doesnt work as expected

i recently finished assembling my indoor diy kit.

when i start my airgradient unit with sht3x plugged in, the lcd screen doesnt turn on. when i plug in the sht3x while the unit is on, it freezes. Everything else looks to be working fine.

i wonder if my SHT3 is faulty or if I have a short.


Please send a picture of your board with the SHT plugged in.

The LED screen lights up with the module unplugged.

What happens if you plug in the SHT on the other slot on the top of the board?

didn’t think of that! Same behavior, the LCD screen doesn’t light up.

Ok, then it looks like a faulty SHT or the female header on the SHT has a short. I would recommend you reflow the solder points on the SHT module.

In general the soldering on the board does not look ideal and you should definitely cut the legs of the resistors before they create a short.

Yup ordered small soldering tips. I’ll resolder and hope that fixes it.

I got around to reflowing everything. unfortunately, every combination with the sht30 fails.

I’m concluding that it’s faulty. do I order a new one or do you offer replacements?

im sorry i resoldered again and i got it working, thanks for your help!

I also broke the USB while trying to make it less loose. If it’s broken, the only thing I cannot do is put the back cover on?

And are these normal readings?

My guess is that you need to check/reflow the solder joints for the CO2 sensor female pin headers and for the PM sensor power cable socket, and that the power cable is fully seated on both sides.

Can anyone recommend where to purchase the same usbc 6 pin female connector thatthe airgradient kit provides?

The v3.7 build instructions has a list with example component sources: