Outdoor Monitor - no temp or humidity sensor?

Just received my outdoor monitor and haven’t had a chance to assemble it yet, but I did look at the components. Everything looks fine, but I’m surprised (probably should have read the specs when I ordered) but it doesn’t seem to have a temp or humidity sensor.

I had planned on replacing my PurpleAir with the AirGradient, but now I’m not so sure, as I depend on the temperature and humidity information as part of an overall monitor. I did notice that there is a space in the housing for something else. Are there plans to add the temp/humidity sensor at a later date? And for us that have the first models, will there be an upgrade available?


I should add that I have the v1.1 pre-soldered version. It has unused I01 and I2C1 connections on the board. I found in the build instructions for v1.1 that it said " The AirGradient Open Air Outdoor Monitor measures PM2.5, temperature and humidity." But the schematic on the assembly page doesn’t show a temp/humidity sensor and I don’t think the PMS5003 provides that data. Can you help me out with this? I’ll gladly purchase the extra sensor if it will work with this.

Our outdoor monitor uses the PMS5003T that includes a built in temperature and humidity sensor.


Well, I missed that, but what about the places for other sensors on the board. Will something be offered there in the future?

Yes. We plan to have some modules there in future, eg TVOC or pressure sensors.

But since it’s open hardware it also allows people to add their own extensions.