Outdoor Monitor doesn't boot up

When I connected the outdoor board to my wifi, I’m getting no data in the dashboard after adding it. I reflashed the firmware onto the board and when I do this is the only output I get after connecting it.

*wm:[1] config portal exiting
{“wifi”:-59, “boot”:0}

And then the output stops. Is there anything for me to try to debug?

Can you leave the debugging on for at least a few minutes. There should be more requests going out.

The 400 response indicates a wrong serial number.

make sure you put in the correct serial number without AG prefix.

Feel free to contact us also on our support form with your user email and we can have a look.

Also, sometimes the debug on the web browser does not update. If you click reset/reboot it often then shows the missing debug information.

I think I found your dashboard. Only the sensor was setup but not the location. I have added the location. It seems the outdoor monitor is not connected. Please try and power it up and check if you can receive data.

Then you should see data coming in here:

Hi, now I’m getting a different error, but it’s making more progress.

{“wifi”:-57, “pm01”:1, “pm02”:3, “pm10”:3, “pm003_count”:558, “atmp”:21.05, “rhum”:38.72, “boot”:1, “channels”: {“1”:{“pm01”:1, “pm02”:3, “pm10”:3, “pm003_count”:519, “atmp”:20.92, “rhum”:38.53}, “2”:{ “pm01”:1, “pm02”:3, “pm10”:3, “pm003_count”:598, “atmp”:21.17, “rhum”:38.92}}}

So I assume I’m getting a 429 status code back from the app. Is there something I need to do to add the 2 sensors I have to my plan, so it doesn’t think I’m sending too many requests?

And after waiting for a while it’s now up and reporting. Thanks!

429 is returned from time to time if too many requests are sent.