Operating temperature of the outdoor unit?


Regarding the unit above, is there a spec sheet somewhere for the assembled product around minimum and maximum operating temperature?

I live in Canada, and we can get -40c weather, so I am curious if I would have to bring the unit in for the winter or winterize it a bit myself :thinking:.

I checked that with the manufacturer and he said it only operates reliably and accurately above - 20C below that they do not think it will break but they don’t guarantee that you get accurate values.

For the upper limit it works reliably up to 60C and could break above 80C.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I can probably just create a detachable mounting point and bring it in if the cold becomes too much :thinking: .

Thanks as well for building a great product that leverages open hardware and software!
Love the work you folks do :+1: .

I might be able to test below zero temperatures. I don’t have an outdoors kit yet, but I plant to get one and can report back here this winter. :slight_smile:

Yeah same, I think -20 might be good enough as it is sheltered on my balcony, and I am building a box for it (to add weather protection) would most likely disrupt the readings for the sensors :thinking:.