OpenAQ only shows temp & pm25 - did I do anything wrong?

Hey all,

I am a happy new AirGradient user and started with an outdoor module.

On OpenAQ I noticed my devices is only sending temp & pm25 but other locations are also showing pm1, pm10, TVOC and the other data… Is there anything else I can do or are is this information currently not shared with OpenAQ?

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We are in touch with openAQ to address this.

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More measurements showing up now, thanks for the push:

Measures: PM1 µg/m³, PM0.3 count particles/cm³, PM10 µg/m³, RH %, PM1 µg/m³, PM10 µg/m³, T c, PM2.5 µg/m³

Any chance we can add TVOC values as well? We have extrem high values and I would love to compare them to other regions.

I’m on it… but last time it took a while…

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