Open Air Outdoor Monitor conversion

I have a Open Air Outdoor Monitor with a v1.3 board but it came without the 4-pin port for the NOx sensor. If i solder my own 4-pin header will it work with the sensor? Or is their anything I need to be aware of to get it working?

Those holes should still be connected, so adding your own header should work. I do think you’ll need/want a device that has 90 degree pins so the chip fits parallel to the headers. Check out the Shop to see what the modules direct from AirGradient look like. You’ll either need to find something like that, or buy a module from AG

I was eyeing the NOx Sensors on AGs store along with the new CO2 sensor for the outdoor unit. If they had the 1.3 board for sale I would make myself a second unit.

If my experience is any indication, it may hard to purchase a 4-pin right-angle socket header to solder into those holes.

Soldering your own pin holder should work. However you need a bit of shorter pin headers than normal or cut a few millimeters off at the top.
But if you purchase a TVOC module from our shop, let me know and I can add a fitting pin header to the order.
By the way, we sell now only the 1.3 board. I need to update the do description.

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@Achim_AirGradient This is good to hear, I placed the order and messaged you the order number

This works out great as I have a little experiment I want to do. I am going to have one Outdoor Monitor mounted on a pole with a lot of direct sunlight in my backyard. Then have another in the front of my house but in a location that does not get direct sunlight, so it will be in the shade all the time. In the end they will be roughly 65 ft apart from each other. Basically I want to see what the difference in temp/CO2 will be between those two places.

Yes thank you. We will ship your parts today and I added the small pin headers.