Open Air - AIQ Status LED - Possible Hardware Upgrade?


Would like to know if the Open Air outdoor module will ever be upgraded with RGB LED’s to indicate the AIQ as seen on the new AirGradient One / Purple Air? If so, what is the ETA for this feature upgrade to come to market as I would like to purchase both indoor & outdoor units at the same time to save on shipping.

Thank You!


Following up on this very simple question?!? :thinking:

Currently we do not have any plans to add an RGB LED but since it’s open-hardware the sky is the limit.


Would it be possible to receive a smaller version of the LED strip (4 LED) and purchase directly from you?

If available I could simply use the same (software) code from the indoor unit and apply it to the outdoor model. I could then modify the outdoor case to integrate the LED.

The outdoor unit should really have a visual (at a glance) LED indicator though!